Art Workshop Team Building in Sandton

The Art Workshop Team Building Event in Sandton is limited only to the number of canvasses. Providing participation by small, as well as larger groups. Each team is provided with a canvass and the canvasses are combined at the end to create one work of art.The team members work on their piece of art, not knowing that they are all working on one larger piece together, and not against each other. Each section has its own style, while creating a single new original piece together. The Art Workshop Team Building focuses on promoting cohesion within the group. The activity ends on a motivating high as the participants are impressed by what the group managed to achieve through the individual efforts of each team.


Recent Art Workshop Team Building Events

Sanlam Sky Art Workshop and Murder Mystery Team Building Event
We had the privilege of hosting another team from Sanlam Sky for a team building event at The Amaizng Place. The team first got creative with an art workshop at our relaxing pool area and then moved to one of our indoor facilities to solve the Murder Mystery…

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