Change Management Training Course in Sandton

Change Management Course in Sandton

The only constant is change… Albeit people, technology, processes, ideas or methods, change affects all of us daily. It is important that when change occurs, a smooth transition takes place in any situation. The Change Management Course in Sandton will give you some insight and skills to implement change in your company, with the minimum disruption. This course also provides individuals the skills to for managing their reactions during change. A useful tool within the workplace and personally.

Change Management Course Objectives

• Preparing for change
• Building support for change
• Describing the motivations for change
• Understanding the components to develop and communicate changes
• Listing implementation strategies
• Gathering data, addressing concerns and issues, evaluating options and adapting change direction
• Leading change project status meetings
• Strategies to align people for change
• The importance of being resilient and flexible to change

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