Facilitation Skills Training Course in Sandton

Facilitation Skills Course in Sandton

Facilitation is the running of an impartial and productive meeting. It serves the needs of a group meeting with a common purpose, solving a problem, making a decision,  or simply exchanging information and ideas. Facilitation focuses on fairness and creating an easy decision making process. A comfortable environment through facilitation creates a better understanding in improving any meeting. The Facilitation Skills Course in Sandton will give you a better understanding of the importance of facilitation. It will provide the tools and skills in facilitating meetings by commanding a room and pacing a meeting.

Facilitation Skills Course Objectives

• The meaning, purpose and benefits of facilitation
• The role of the facilitator
• Knowing process and content in a meeting
• Preparing for facilitation
• Encouraging participation and reaching consensus
• Dealing with disruptions and difficult people
• Implementing interventions

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