Montecasino Bird Gardens

For great family entertainment in Sandton, experience the wonder of the Montecasino Bird Gardens. Take a day off to wander along enchanted walkways within magnificent gardens and marvel at  a variety of colourful birds, mammals and reptiles.

The walk-through Aviary at the Montecasino Bird Gardens, hosts over sixty species of birds. You will find Scarlet Ibises, and Nicobar pigeons, reptiles and small animals, with smaller antelope wandering freely in the undergrowth. You are also likely to encounter colourful frogs, iguanas, marmosets and tamarins and other unusual animals from around the world,.

For plant lovers, the Bird Gardens features the largest, most diverse private collection of South African Cycads in the world.

Flight of Fantasy Shows

The Montecasino Bird Gardens offer educational and entertaining bird shows in the spectacular Tuscan amphitheatre. The colourful and talented show birds captivate audiences with breathtaking displays of unrestrained flight. The Flight of Fantasy Shows takes place twice a day between Monday and Friday, and three times a day over the weekend and on public holidays.

Flamingo Café

Inspired by the Montecasino Bird Gardens in which it is situated, Flamingo Café is a relaxing restaurant that overlooks the Flamingo pond. The Flamingo Café offers a selection of light meals, coffees and milkshakes while guests sit back and enjoy the tropical ambience of the Montecasino Bird Gardens. Flamingo Café is an ideal venue for kids’ parties and can host up to 90 guests.

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