Measuring Results from Training Course in Sandton

Measuring Results from Training Course

Training your company staff has an incredible benefit, but just how do we measure it? Some training measures are easier such as time management, sales training etc, but others can be more difficult to prove, like leadership or communication training. The Measuring Results from Training Course in Sandton will help you learn the various ways to evaluate your training. You will be able to use these results to show how the training has been beneficial. Once that has been done, you will also know how to modify and update a curriculum suitable to your participants.

Measuring Results from Training Course Objectives

• Kolb’s learning style and cycle
• Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation
• Evaluation tools
• Knowing when to use the correct evaluation tools.
• Needs assessment
• Learning objectives and linking them to evaluation
• Evaluation plans
• Calculate costs and benefits of training
• Parts of a business case

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