Social Media in the Workplace Training Course in Sandton

Social Media in the Workplace Course in Sandton

Social media updates and invitations have recently become common place. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube have become ways in which to communicate with each other. Business have become aware that people want to be updated at all times and that this may affect productivity. People like to share, but there needs to be awareness of what can or cannot be sent out. Electronic communication has becoming more popular than face to face communication or even telephonic communication. Social media is all about communicating and connecting in the right ways. The Social Media in the Workplace Course in Sandton will show you how it can be beneficial in your business.

Social Media in the Workplace Course Objectives

• The meaning of social media
• Various ways social media can be used
• Creating social media policy
• Social media security
• Rules for social media posts in the company
• The pros and cons of social media

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