The Benefits of Group Drumming Activities

Have you ever considered Group Drumming as a team building option for your team but you are unsure of the benefits of this activity? To help you make your decision, we have put together the following list of benefits of Drumming as a team building activity.

Group Drumming Includes Everybody

Group Drumming incorporates everybody regardless of gender, age, race or nationality. Participants do not need any special talents or abilities. Drumming is universal and transcends cultural and language barriers. It is interesting to not that most cultures have some form of drumming tradition.

Group Drumming Helps to Reduce Stress

Studies have shown that drumming activities produce feelings of well-being and create a sense of deep relaxation. Group Drumming helps to reduce stress in participants and is known to lower the blood pressures of the individual drummers.

Group Drumming Helps the Team Connect with Each Other

Group Drumming activities create a sense of community among the participants. It is a very successful team building tool that teaches groups to work together and encourage communication.

Group Drumming Improves Morale

Group Drumming improves morale and motivates participants. Employees that are motivated get along better and absenteeism decrease. Studies have shown that participants of drumming activities also undergo significant mood improvement

Group Drumming Encourages Creativity

The drumming participants are encouraged to stop rational thinking and start feeling the rhythm. Both left and right brain thinking is stimulated, promoting creative thinking.

Group Drumming Improves Communication

Drums were used as one of the earliest forms of communication over long distances. Group drumming activities improve group communication amongst the participants. During the activities the participants experience a sense of connectedness as they work towards a common purpose. Drumming highlights the importance of non-verbal communication and participants are also tested on their ability to follow instructions correctly.

Group Drumming is Fun

Drumming activities release endorphins in the brain, which is the cause of feelings of happiness and euphoria. Even the most reserved members of your team will not be able to resist joining in the fun of beating away on their drums. Drumming is a fun activity that brings the whole team together.

Group Drumming Encourages Cooperation

In Group Drumming, every member of the team is encouraged to participate. It is important that all the participants work together in harmony, making the role of each individual indispensable. Drumming creates a sense of connectedness among the team members.


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