Tribal Survivor Challenge in Sandton

Tribal Survivor Challenge is a fun and interactive group team building event loosely based on the popular television series.The Tribal Survivor Challenge team building event begins some ice-breakers and after the teams have been selected, each tribe needs to choose a tribe name, and needs to come up with a war cry and flag that depict this tribe name. This is presented in front of the other tribes. Points are awarded for each of the activities and the team with the highest points at the end of the event wins!!! Activities usually included are Incubator, Blindfolded Collection, Bhati, Drumming, Gumboot Dancing and many more! This team building activity is suited for large groups and encourages team work.


Recent Tribal Survivor Team Building Events at The Amazing Place

Lexis Nexis Tribal Survivor Team Building Event
The Amazing Place hosted a team from Lexis Nexis for a day of team building which included a light lunch. The theme for the day was Tribal Survivor where teams compete against each other in various team building exercises. Lexis Nexis deliver’s efficient knowledge-based solutions…

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