Appreciative Inquiry Training Course in Sandton

By changing the people within an orginisation, the whole orginisation itself will change, as it is made up of individuals working within it. This is what appreciative inquiry is. The Appreciative Inquiry Soft Skills Course in Sandton focuses on positive questioning and moving people into a positive direction by finding the values and strengths as opposed to negativity. Thus transforming the business through it’s individuals by focusing on success and strength rather than deficiencies and problems. The Appreciative Inquiry Course is a tool for strengthening relationships.

The excessive focus on dysfunctions can actually cause things to become worse or stagnate. But when all individuals of an organization are motivated to value the positive features, improvement will take place.

Appreciative Inquiry Course Objectives

  • The Meaning of Appreciative Inquiry
  • Thinking positively and avoiding negative thinking
  • Encouraging positive thinking in others
  • Recognising positive attributes in people
  • Guiding employees in a positive environment

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