Basic Bookkeeping Training Course in Sandton

Bookkeeping involves the recording of day-to-day transactions and is crucial to business accounting. The basic transactions include sales, purchases, payment and receipts. Whilst some people enjoy working with number, others might fear it. The Basic Bookkeeping Course in Sandton will relieve these fears by providing the skills and tools to accurately and efficiently recording the transactions of your business.

Basic Bookkeeping Course Objectives

• Understanding basic accounting terminology
• Knowing the differences between accrual and cash accounting methods
• Keeping track of any business by accounts and receivable accounts payable
• Using a general ledger and journal
• Utilising the balance sheet
• Creating a budget and understanding the purpose of it
• Negotiation and solution-building.
• Reflect on one’s hot buttons and personal anger dynamics.
• Getting familiar with external and internal auditing

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