Business Succession Planning Training Course in Sandton

Business Succession Course in Sandton

Business succession planning is the act of preparing employees to take on the vital role of leadership when required. The loss of leadership at the wrong times can be to the detriment of a company, especially if no plan is in place for business succession. It is crucial that any company have a plan in place, it is essential to the long term survival of a company. The Business Succession Planning Course in Sandton will teach the difference between succession planning and mere replacement. Preparing people to take over the roles of leadership is just as important as recruiting a new employee.

Business Succession Planning Course Objectives

• Defining business succession and it’s purpose
• Laying the ground work to implement a succession plan
• The importance of mentoring
• Define and use SWOT analysis to set goals
• Creating plans, assigning roles and planning execution
• Communicate to develop support and mange change
• Anticipating obstacles, evaluating goals and plans
• Characterise success

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