Business Writing Training Course in Sandton

Business Writing Course in Sandton

Writing is one of the main means of communication in any business. Some people struggle with it, as texting and e-mail have become more and more used. Writing skills is still valued in the business world, as it can give you that extra edge in the market place. A business that prides itself in written communication, gives a good professional impression. The Business Writing Course in Sandton will give a refresher in key elements such as punctuation, grammar and spelling, but also looking at commonly used business documents.Business writing refers to a professional communication through e-mails, memos, proposals, reports etc.

Business Writing Course Objectives

• Spelling and grammar issues with business writing
• Sentence and paragraph construction
• Identifying the basic structures of different business communications
• Identifying tips and techniques most relevant for different business communications
• Defining and understanding proofreading
• Defining peer review and how it can improve business writing
• Printing and publishing business writing

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