Civility in the Workplace Training Course in Sandton

Civility in the Workplace Course in Sandton

Civility in the workplace is more important than you would think. It directly affects the bottom line of any business. It is important to develop a culture of civility in the workplace. The Civility in the Workplace Course in Sandton looks at the concepts of civility, the causes and affects it has, and the importance of to a company. It will provide the tools necessary to practice civil behavior. It will also look at the different ways various types of companies can systemise civility in the workplace.

Civility in the Workplace Course Objectives

• Defining and understanding civility, and explore its causes and indicators
• The costs of incivility and the rewards of civility
• Practicing workplace etiquette
• Diagnose the cause of uncivil behavior
• Forgiveness and conflict resolution
• Effective communication
• Listening and appreciative inquiry
• Conflict interventions
• Systemising civil behavior in the workplace

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