Da Vinci Exhibition Johannesburg

The opening of the Da Vinci – The Genius is at The Amazing Place is upon us. Starting tomorrow the 2nd of April and continuing until the 22nd of June, the exhibition demonstrates the full range of Leonardo Da Vinci’s remarkable achievement as artist, inventor, engineer, anatomist, sculptor, architect, musician, and mathematician.

Visit the Da Vinci – The Genius is at The Amazing Place and experience:

  • Reproductions of famous Leonardo paintings such as The Virgin of the Rocks and The Annunciation.
  • The newest Leonardo finding Bella Pricipessa.
  • Leonardo’s remarkable anatomical sketches.
  • Sketches for the lost painting Anghiari Battle.
  • Three-dimensional and interactive representations of The Last Supper.
  • Educational activities for children.
  • Full-scale replicas of Leonardo’s machine inventions.
  • Prominent replica of the Mona Lisa.
  • Interactive touchscreens featuring facsimiles of Da Vinci’s codices.
  • HD animations of the Sforza Horse and Vitruvian Man

This exhibition is not to be missed and promises to be an inspirational experience for art, philosophy, engineering, medicine, history, architect and mathematics enthusiasts.

Tickets are available online from Webtickets. Visitors will also be able to purchase tickets at the venue from 2 April 2014 (although online bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment in the event of tickets selling out).

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