Personal Productivity Training Course in Sandton

Personal Productivity Course in Sandton

Ever wished you had more time in a day to get everything done? The Personal Productivity Course in Sandton will teach you to streamline you day and organize you life, enabling you to find that extra time. Establish routines, create an efficient environment, set goals, and utilize organizational and planning tools to increase your productivity. Although all of us have personal productivity as a goal, it is difficult sometimes if you do not have the tools to achieve this. This course will help you get on the right track by taking ownership and increasing your personal productivity.

Personal Productivity Course Objectives

• SMART Goals
• Maximize your productivity through routines
• Make most of your time through scheduling tools
• Getting on top of your to do list
• Start new projects and tasks correctly
• Basic project management techniques
• Organizing your work space
• E-mails and handheld devices
• Overcoming procrastination

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