Does Your Team Need Team Building Activities?

Does Your Team Need Team Building Activities?

Team building is an organized effort to improve the effectiveness of a team through team building activities. For team building to be effective all members of the team need to be committed to the idea. Team building can be prescribed for any team that needs help and is struggling to work together. It is also an effective way to reward a winning team and to further galvanize a team that is already working well together. Team building should never be approached as a once-off event though, but should always be seen as an ongoing process.

Benefits of Team Building Activities

The benefits of team building activities are many, the following are some of them:

  • Team building activities improve productivity and motivation  .
  • Team building activities can help increase your team’s ability to solve problems.
  • Team building activities help break down personal and political barriers.
  • Team building activities can help level the playing field between outgoing and shy team members.
  • Team building activities can help teams overcome performance problems.
  • Team building activities can help improve communication between team members.
  • Team building activities encourage cooperation among team members.

Disadvantages of Team Building Activities

The following are some of the challenges associated with team building activities:

  • For team building activities to be successful you need expert team building facilitators.
  • Part-time team members may have conflicting feelings about the amount time team building activities take.
  • If there are several levels of management on the team, the team members may be reluctant to open up.
  • Some of the team building exercises may involve touching or physical movement which can make some team members uncomfortable.

Choosing the Right Team Building Activities

There are many choices of activities to foster team building. Which you choose depends upon your assessment of the team, the skill sets of the members, the amount of available time, geographical considerations or constraints, and the team’s objectives. You also have to take the weather into consideration and decide if the activities will have to be done indoors or outdoors. The Amazing Place place offers indoor activities such as Minute to Win It, Murder Mystery, Drumming, Art Workshop and Creative Construction. Outdoor activities at The Amazing Place include Potjiekos Cooking Competition, Tribal Survivor Challenge, SA Mini Olympics, Corporate Fun Day, Boeresport, Sports Day and Hitting the Target.

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