Understanding Effective Communication Strategies

Every day we communicate with and to others. It does not matter if you are giving a speech in the boardroom, communicating with your partner, or the look that you give to your pet, it all means something. Understanding the various ways of communicating, will help you to make the most of each of them.

Communication affects these aspects of your life:

  • Relationships
  • Stress levels
  • Productivity
  • Satisfaction level of your life
  • Problem solving ability
  • Capability of achieving your goals

Common Communication Problems

  • Cultural Barriers
  • Language Barriers
  • Difference in Place and Time

Hearing and Listening

Hearing is easy, but listening is far more complex. Listening is the method of looking at the words and the other factors used around those words, such as body language and non-verbal communication. The skill is to interpret the entire message.

Appreciative Inquiry

Communication traditionally focuses on what is wrong and how we can fix it. Think about your last visit to the doctor, performance review, or your last disagreement with someone. Appreciative inquiry is the opposite of that. It focuses on the positive and on ways to improve. Many businesses have found it to be a refreshing and uplifting approach to problems, and revitalizing their employees.

Establishing Common Ground

Another powerful communication tool is finding common links that draw us together.  A stranger may turn out not to be a stranger to you. Someone that might have grown up in the same town that you did, or someone who enjoys a hobby as much as you do.  Whether it is a problem-solving session, a team meeting or a basic conversation, try to find a common ground whenever you are communicating. Positive connections will assist you in communicating better and building stronger relationships.

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