Workplace Harassment Training Course in Sandton

Workplace Harassment Course in Sandton

Workplace Harassment can develop from a whole range of factors such as disability, race, sex etc.Sometimes it may be more than an offense against one individual, it can against the law and a crime. For this reason Workplace Harassment is a very important topic that should be addressed by every company. The Workplace Harassment Course in Sandton will provide the necessary tools to deal with this and help to understand the rights and responsibilities under the law. Safety in the workplace is important and through this course you will learn that it is necessary to create programs to identify harassment and bring in anti-harassment policies.

Workplace Harassment Course Objectives

• Actions and words that are harassment
• Understanding the law and harassment
• Anti-harassment policies
• Educate employees
• Employer and employees responsibilities and rights
• Dealing with accusations of harassment
• Mediation procedures
• Dealing with the effects of harassment

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